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Slot Tournaments

Slot Tournaments

We have implemented another great upgrade to the software. This means that we now offer Slot Tournaments on three of our Real Series Slots.

You heard it right! All the fun of some of our best slot games, with the excitement of trying to beat other players from all over the world!

The Games & How it Works:

You can now play any of the above listed games in Tournament Mode.

During the tournament you will be given a certain number of credits to play in a given time period. As with regular play you use credits to make wagers. Should you hit a winning payout or a feature you will gain points, however if nothing is hit your credits will decrease but your score will not. You can bet your credits as you wish. You may want to make lots of small bets or a few large ones. The strategy is up to you. However be sure to place all your bets within the allotted time period. Once the time is up that's it, game over, no matter how many credits you have left.

The objective of the tournament is to have the most amount of points you possibly can when your given play time has elapsed or your credits have all been used up. When this happens your final score will be entered into the leader board. At the end of the tournament if you are one of the leaders you will win a prize.

It's as simple as that :)

Where to find Tournaments:

Taking part is very easy. Simply click on the Tournaments button in your casino lobby.

Download and play in our Slot Tourneys!  Now!

Taking part is very easy. Simply click on the Tournaments button in your casino lobby.

Download and play in our Slot Tourneys!  Now!

What Tournaments are running Now?

There may be any number of different tournaments running on a given date. These may range from Free-Rolls where you get to play "for free" along with standard tournaments with different buy in stakes. The type of tournament will be clearly shown in the information window to the right. This appears when when you click on a given tournament in the list.

Download and play in our Slot Tourneys!  Now!

Here you can see all of the tournaments details. The Prize Pool for the event, the buy in and rake amounts, how many players are taking part, are all listed. You can also see the time and date of the tourney,the playtime you get and starting credit details. By clicking on the leader board tag you can check the current standings and the prize tag shows who much you stand to win should you do well.

We have just added a great Re-Buy feature too. Should you so wish this allows you to buy in to a tournament more than once. However only your highest score will count.

The size of the prize pool is generally determined by the number of players that take part. With a free roll this is set and cannot increase. However with buy in tournaments the minimum prize is set when the tourney is put in place, each buy-in adds to the prize, so the more buy-ins the bigger the pot can get.
Please see terms and conditions

How do I take part?

If you want to take part simply select the relevant tournament and register in the event. Once you have registered, the buy in and rake will be deducted from your balance (where applicable) and you are all set to play. Once the tournament begins you can then join in the fun.

If you register prior to the event starting you will be given a reminder message when the tournament starts as follows:

Download and play in our Slot Tourneys!  Now!

Tournaments can run for any length of time. Some tournaments will only run in a short 1 hour time period, whilst others may allow you to play at any time over the course of say a week. Either way be sure not to forget which tournament you have registered in as if you miss it we can't run them again for you :)

You can also only register for a tournament once so be sure to make the most of it.

We hope that you enjoy this great new feature and if you decide to take part in any of the upcoming events we wish you all the best of luck.

*Terms & Conditions:

Players must adhere to all of our rules and regulations. Bonus monies cannot be used to take part in any tournaments. If this is the case any winnings will be void. All tournament winnings need to be wagered at least 10x.
All tournaments, both Buy-in and Freeroll, are for depositing player. Should a non-depositing player win any funds on a Freeroll a verification deposit will be required. This will need to be made prior to any withdrawal being allowed. Maximum withdrawal limits and wagering apply to free-roll wins. Freerolls qualify as free monies - standard free money terms apply.