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Comp Programme

Here at iNetBet Casino we understand players should be rewarded for their loyalty, with not just winning payouts!

Our Online Casino Comps Program allows players to earn money, just by playing!

How it works:

All games at iNetBet accrue comp points. So every bet you place earns you comp points. These can then be converted into REAL MONEY at any time.

Having researched other comp programs available online, we hope you agree that:
"our new comp program is now one of the best reward programs on the net".
Put quite simply the more you play the more you receive!

Frequently asked questions:

How do I join?

The simple answer is "You don't have to".
When you open an account and start playing at iNetBet all 'real money' wagering will earn you comp points.

What do I get for my Comp Points?

Below is a brief table* showing what your comps will earn. As you will see it's a sliding scale e.g. 600 points will earn more than 6 x 100 points. So the more points you accumulate the more $money$ you earn.

Points Cash Reward
50 $5.00
100 $10.75
150 $17.25
200 $24.50
300 $41.25
600 $109.50
900 $204.75
1000 $242.50
1500 $476.25
2000 $785.00

*A more detailed table along with rules and regulations can be found here.

How many points do I have?

You can check your 'comps balance' at any time by going to the Bank Section of your account and looking in the upper left corner of the screen. There you will find the current standing of your comp points.

How do I claim them?

Players need to reach 50 points to claim their first loyalty comps. To claim simply go to the comp points page here.

Questions and Queries

If you have any questions or queries about our comps program please do not hesitate to contact us on:

All rules and regulations pertaining to our comps program can be found by clicking here.