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BIG Winners

Wager less and play more

As mentioned in our newsletter we have had to create a new section of the website to display recent wins at iNetBet..

Please read on to enjoy some amazing screenshots and testimonials.

If a screenshot has been provided simply click on the magnifying glass an image of the win will be displayed.

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
sean1962 Joker Poker (Double Royal Flush)View Bonus $2000

"I was playing at Inetbet on Father's day and was having a great day. I like the triple play machine and I was winning big. It was getting late, and I was just about to quit for the night when I hit a royal flush for $1000! What a feeling! But the fun did not stop there. The next morning, I was playing the triple play machine and was dealt four to the royal and I thought "no way I will get another royal". And I didn't get a royal -- I got two for a total of $2000! Two royals out of three hands! Unbelievably good luck. Inetbet is a great place to play"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
rosepat Double Double Bonus (Royal Flush)View Bonus $1000

"iNetBet is a 5star online casino .
Fair gaming , Fast pay outs , Friendly customer service.
the only casino I play at !! I love my iNetBet :-)

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
dbrogan Pat Royal Flush $10,000

"When I hit the $10,000 I almost flipped my chair and I started screaming omg omg I just won. Then I realized I was screaming to no one I was alone... So embarrassed!! Lol :D "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
philipa Naughty or Nice Spring Break View Bonus View Bonus $706

"Attached is the screen shot from a win I had on Naughty or Nice Spring Break and this nice win resulted in a $500 cashout (which I quickly received I might add) and was used as a partial down payment towards my new car.Inetbet is by far the Best casino around and they are 100% honest.Their bonuses are fair and they always offer something for someone so give them a chance and check them out.By the way it was a .30 cent bet and the win was a Minor Jackpot for $706.88"

"This is my new car I used my winnings to help get :-)  2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
jpete116 Ghost Ship Feature GameView Bonus View Bonus $1283.75

"As always... Nice to hit a good spin! I don't have a screenshot of the progressive but I do have one of a nice hit on ghost ship"


Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
davis7070 Real Series Slots winning session $5593

"I have been doing great at INETbet and I love their games and their fast payments. I've been doing really well lately on my two favorite games, goldbeard and tripletwister. Tripletwister is so exciting when in the bonus round and you are unsure which way the twister will move. I like goldbeard as well because the grouped wilds make big hits possible. Thank you Inetbet!!!!"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
jordanmagrum Real Series Slots winning session $5000

"I would be glad to submit a great testimony in regards to the largest win i have ever had with any casino. I've been with inetbet for 4 years now. This is the first withdraw i have made from inetbet or any online casino for that matter. I would love to share just how amazing it is to finally win something substantial and at no better time than now"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
bobo11 Triple 7 Inferno View Bonus View Bonus View Bonus Various

"I had great luck at your casino. I seem to hit the progressive quite a bit on 7 Inferno. Just take a look at the dates of my wins."

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
oldandboring40 Sunken TreasureView Bonus $2064.29

"I usually play Inetbet most every night. kinda my way of unwinding. as I was playing the sunken treasure game my screen went blue and up popped the instant win notification. two thousand plus dollars. have hit instant wins before but always a great thrill. check was on my doorstep in a few days. will help pay for the antique muscle car I have been restoring. thanks inetbet"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
lojo4u Voodoo Magic & Ghost Ship View Bonus View Bonus $3452 & $6170

"Just a quick thank you note to iNetBet. I deposited $50 and took a 100% bonus. I didn't end up needing it though. I hit 5 scatters on Lucha Libre for $200 and never looked back. At one point my balance was over $10,000 and none of it came from random jackpots. Sometimes I got really lucky during some crafty slot bets, and sometimes I just got lucky. Documents were approved overnight and all three cash outs were processed the same or next day. Oh, I might have set a record? 2,037 comp points, over $200,000.00 play through from a $50 deposit. That $50 deposit gave me two months of daily play and three nice cash outs, so far. Thanks again iNetBet!

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
ajf316 Lucha Libre $1000+

"I was unfamiliar with the game I didn't realise I had won that much and totally forgot to take a screenshot. I am happy to make a comment.

I found the new slot Lucha Libre a little confusing at first especially the mask of fiery doom feature. I got the first four reels filled with the masks but didn't realise it was such a large win and totally forgot to take a screenshot."

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
evan8her KenoView Bonus $25,000

"Couldn't believe my eyes, was on lunch break. My deposits payed off at the perfect time. My Company needed new equipment and got it. My level of service will continue to be the best in my area. I can as anyone can be hard to deal with at times. Thank you for everything.

Truly a devoted inetbet player."

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
dcpam39 Caesar's EmpireView Bonus $2190

"I love playing at Inetbet and have since 2006. I won a random on Caesar's Empire with a 20cents bet.
The best part is that I know that I will be paid timely and without hassle. I have never had to worry about whether there were "processer issues, or a holiday. It has been my experience that inetbet is consistent in all things, including payments."

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
shanmach Sevens Wild (Rotyal Flush)View Bonus $2000

"LOVE INET!! Along with this $2000 Royal Flush hit, I had a great run that day & played for a long time off a $25 deposit. I even ended up cashing out part of my winnings, the withdrawal was processed extremely quickly and in my bank account within 4 or so business days! I have been a loyal Inetbet player for at least 6-7 years and plan to be for many more."

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
drlovesmrs Classic Slots $Jackpot

"I absolutely love Inetbet Casino! I've been playing for years... Winning a chance Jackpot was exhilarating to say the least!
Here's to more wins... For everyone :0)
Dedicated player: DrLovesMrs"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
martilau Victory $Jackpot

"Oui j'ai effectivement eu une chance unique, cela fais plusieurs années que je joue exclusivement chez vous, vous êtes mon casino préféré pour votre sérieux, rapidité des paiements en cas de gain.
Même si parfois j'ai eu des doutes, ou pessimiste, j'aime joué sur vos machines (un peu trop peut-être ) mais avec le jackpot Victory ma patience a bien a été récompensé

Je n'ai aucune copie d'écran, j'ai été vraiment sidérée mon premier geste a été de téléphoner à mon mari sur son lieu de travail pour lui a annoncé la nouvelle.

Encore merci!! Inetbet"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
canjbe1 Mystery Bonus Poker (Royal Flush)View Bonus $3000

"Hi, here is the screenshot for the Royal Flush. This is one of my favorite video poker games. I told my wife that hitting a royal on the royal bonus would be like a sweet dream come true. Thanks Inetbet for making this a reality. Great casino!"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
michycup Real Series Slots Various

""I love inetbet". It's the only place I trust and play. I never thought i had a chance to win a random jackpot however I was fortunate enough to win twice. I was so surprised. it was amazing.
Thanks so much Inetbet"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
bebewoman Various Real Series Slot Wins View Bonus View Bonus View Bonus $1545 - $958 - $5018

""il n'y a qu'un seul casino sur le net aussi sérieux et fiable, tant au niveau des gains que du service client. je m'amuse toujours avec ce large choix de machines. Merci et longue vive à Inetbet""

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
lillyjclark Various Real Series Slot Wins View Bonus Over $26,000

""I took this with my phone. Check out the balance :)

I won the bulk of the money on Mayan Queen & Regal Riches ""

Congratulations to all of our recent winners. If any of you out there have a Big hit that you would like to share then simply drop a mail to our support team using the following link. Report your win. You can include screenshots and testimonials if you so wish and we will include these in upcoming newsletters or in our winners section. Any screenshots used will receive a little gift from us. (If you are not sure how to take one check out our Handy Hints page).

Here is a Jackpot Special for you to use to try to hit the next Jackpot. Simply click on the link below.

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